About Us

StarrMatica’s owner and CEO, Emily Starr, was a fourth grade teacher in DeWitt, Iowa, when she was given a projector and asked to use it in her classroom. She spent hours combing the web for resources and sifting through outdated software to find digital content to help her make the most of the technology. Frustrated with the lack of resources, Emily began talking to fellow teachers and found they were experiencing the same problem. What Emily really needed was a library of digital content that would allow her to quickly find resources for every topic she taught. After extensive searching, she realized that a library of digital content simply didn’t exist, so in 2005, Emily took the leap and founded StarrMatica Learning Systems to create it.

Fast forward to today and StarrMatica has grown into a digital content development company that specializes in customizable curriculum solutions. Every StarrMatica product is rooted in a desire to help teachers solve a classroom challenge with less time and effort. Now joined by a team of experienced authors, educators, and subject matter experts, Emily designs research-based solutions that are customizable to meet the unique needs of every teacher and student.