Is your technology

Help your teachers meet individual
student needs with the nation's first
library of digital interactive content

Are your interactive technologies gathering dust?
Are your teachers wasting valuable time searching for interactive content?
Do your teachers struggle to find appropriate interventions?
StarrMatica can:
  • Provide the missing link between data analysis and individualized instruction by providing standards aligned content to address each student's needs
  • Increase the use of interactive technologies by helping teachers easily plan effective lessons
  • Help parents assist students at home with quality teacher-selected interactive content
"We chose to invest in StarrMatica for several reasons. First of all, it is teacher friendly, and the kids love it. Secondly, once a teacher has targeted the needs of his/her class through formative assessment, StarrMatica provides resources aligned to state standards and the Common Core for each targeted skill. StarrMatica puts the resources teachers need right at their fingertips."

Jeff Eeling,
Elementary Principal,
Packwood, IA
Not sure if StarrMatica is right for you? Schedule a personal online demonstration with our CEO today. Invite your teachers, and we will provide a 30 day login. See you online!
If your budget is tight or your curriculum is rigid, StarrMatica's value is worthy of your investment:
  1. StarrMatica is inexpensive at around $900 a building and will save you money.
  2. All teachers search for interactive content beyond the curriculum. StarrMatica increases teacher productivity by eliminating wasted search time and providing a way to standardize interactive content across the district.
  3. StarrMatica integrates seamlessly with all curriculums, and we even provide a search feature with alignments to state standards, the Common Core and textbooks.
"Our school highly recommends StarrMatica. Your students and teachers will love it!"

Barb Roling,
Elementary Principal,
Dubuque, IA
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