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Sparking students’ interest in science in elementary school is more effective in creating eventual STEM career paths than encouraging high school students to take more advanced courses (Maltese & Tai, 2016)

StarrMatica’s NGSS Curriculum Development Framework

Are you looking for NGSS aligned lessons? Are you developing your own NGSS lessons and need some help? Do you need content to supplement your core science curriculum? Creating curriculum can be overwhelming!

We can help with that!

Let’s start with what the research tells us about the problems with science instruction:

And here is what the research says about the solution:

Now That You Know What We Know, Here’s How We Can Help:

StarrMatica’s NGSS Curriculum Development Framework is an innovative coaching framework that uses a combination of tools to help all all K-5 teachers, regardless of previous training or experience, to develop of effective NGSS-aligned lessons with supplementary materials. This innovative solution was designed by teachers in collaboration with experienced curriculum authors and subject matter experts to solve the challenges teachers face in creating curriculum materials for the NGSS and improving their science instruction.

StarrMatica’s NGSS Curriculum Development Framework provides different levels of support to meet the needs of all educators.

Teachers new to the NGSS can learn about the standards with short coaching videos and documents embedded throughout the lesson planning framework.

Teachers looking for a complete NGSS curriculum can find lesson plans written by teachers, reviewed by a panel of curriculum experts, and tested in classrooms for each of their grade level’s performance expectations.

Teachers looking to supplement their NGSS core curriculum or to create their own curriculum can modify lesson plans within the framework or create completely original lessons using vetted content from our library or by uploading content. Teachers create lessons within a template that uses the research-based 5Es structure to ensure their lessons are designed the way students learn. Tagging tools guarantee the three dimensions within the NGSS are addressed and content evaluation tools help ensure only high-quality materials are used in a lesson.

StarrMatica’s NGSS Curriculum Development Framework will be available for purchase in January 2020. If you would like to receive additional product information at that time, including pricing, please send us an email at info@starrmatica.com. (We will never share your information with anyone else.)

This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Small Business Innovation Research Program.