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Because learning should be

Is your child bored by traditional homework?
Does your child need some extra practice or a greater challenge?

If your child's school is a StarrMatica member, you have free access to our engaging content at home. A teacher can suggest activities through our individual progress accounts, or you can personally choose from StarrMatica's entire library of content to take your child beyond classroom instruction with challenging activities. With so many easily searchable choices, the assistance you are seeking is always right at your fingertips.

If your child's school is not a member, contact your school's PTA/PTO about a school-wide membership or experience the benefits described in our Homeschoolers information by joining as a family member.

Our grades are better since we started using StarrMatica.
It is so much fun!

Second Grader and Sixth Grader, Delmar, IA
StarrMatica makes hard things easier to learn.

Fourth grader,
Oelwein, IA

Tired of "free" educational websites with distracting ads and pop-ups?
Wasting time searching for online activities you can trust?

From learning aids that help you teach to interactive games that help your child to learn, we put you in control of a library of 5,000 interactive learning tools, so you can choose what is best for your child. With StarrMatica, you can:

  • Review a concept with animated instructional slides
  • Polish skills with interactive practice activities and games
  • Challenge with an enrichment activity
  • Test understanding with an assessment

You can log in to your child's individual progress account at any time to view completed activity scores and to create personalized assignments. Also included are resource pages with thousands of safety-checked, ad-free activities and games for limitless learning opportunities.

Up to four children in the same home can access StarrMatica simultaneously with our family membership.

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