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A Solid Foundation In Educational Research and Theory The research-based teaching strategies StarrMatica employs to ensure instructional effectiveness include:
  • Connecting new learning to a student's prior experiences and background knowledge
  • Giving real-life examples to establish a purpose for learning
  • Promoting on-task engaged learning with interactive animations, response required questions, and guided practice
  • Incorporating traditional effective learning tools such as manipulatives (base ten blocks, fraction bars, etc.), number lines, time lines, and graphic organizers
  • Using questioning strategies to focus student learning, requiring students to draw conclusions, and featuring more than one correct response
  • Explaining the theory behind mathematical processes as well as demonstrating specific problem solving procedures with a variety of approaches for finding an answer
  • Providing immediate feedback for practice activities
  • Promoting differentiated instruction by providing teachers with tools to use with students at different skill levels
  • Supporting learner choice by providing teachers with a method of instructional delivery and aligned practice that is appealing to students not engaged by traditional teaching methods
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