3 hours or 3 clicks?

With StarrMatica, you can spend
your valuable time planning engaging
lessons instead of searching for

Are your interactive technologies gathering dust?
Are you wasting valuable time searching for interactive content?
Do you struggle to find appropriate remediation resources?
With StarrMatica, you can:
  • Reduce planning time by quickly locating interactive content for every K-6 reading comprehension and math concept you teach
  • Use your interactive technologies on a daily basis with less time and effort
  • Choose from a large library of easily searchable content to meet your lesson needs and the needs of your students
  • Help parents assist your students at home with quality interactive content you select
"StarrMatica has proven to be an invaluable technology resource for us. We use it on a daily basis!"

Kari Bosma,
Teacher Librarian,
Ankeny, IA
"I have always been a teacher who incorporates technology within my classroom, and StarrMatica has been the answer to my prayers by giving me more time and resources and helping me be the effective educator I want to be."

David Eaton, 4th grade teacher, Ottumwa, IA
If your budget is tight or your curriculum is rigid, StarrMatica's value is worthy of your investment:
  1. StarrMatica is inexpensive at around $900 a building and will save your school money.
  2. Flexible content can be used for concept introduction, review, re-teaching, demonstration, and differentiation
  3. StarrMatica integrates seamlessly with all curriculums, and we even provide a search feature with alignments to state standards, the Common Core and textbooks.
  4. Content can be accessed with any internet connected device both at school and at home.
Not sure if StarrMatica is right for you? Schedule a personal online demonstration with our CEO today. Invite your colleagues, and we will provide a 30 day login. See you online!
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