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Interactive Whiteboards, Pads, and Response Systems
Is your interactive whiteboard gathering dust?
Would you like to use your IWB more often and more effectively?
Are you spending hours searching for or creating interactive content?

Using interactive whiteboards effectively takes time and effort. In fact, 88% of teachers report they would use their board more often if provided with content. StarrMatica protects your interactive whiteboard investment by helping teachers use their boards effectively everyday—starting day one.

StarrMatica is used nationwide on every brand of interactive whiteboard to:
  • Standardize content for districts with multiple board brands
  • Increase and enhance teacher-created lessons from SMART Exchange, Promethean Planet, mimio Connect & eI Community
  • Eliminate wasted search time and provide interactive content for each standard and benchmark
  • Help teachers easily plan lessons that encourage higher order thinking skills
"StarrMatica's content played an integral role in the success of our interactive whiteboard implementation by providing essential curriculum connections."

Tina Breen,
Technology Integration Specialist,
Fairfield, IA

Tablet Technologies
Tired of downloading apps on every individual tablet?
Can't find apps that meet all of your content needs?
Is buying individual apps for every tablet becoming costly?

For Android and Windows tablets, StarrMatica provides a library of 5,000 "apps" for every K-6th grade reading, math and science concept at one low cost for your entire building. No downloading required.

1:1 Programs
Wasting time searching for content to meet every standard?
Need content to meet the needs of every student in a diverse group?

A 30 second search on StarrMatica provides you with organized content choices for a specific standard at a specific grade level. Our library promotes individualized learning that is teacher selected for effective remediation, intervention, or enrichment.

"StarrMatica makes teaching with technology enjoyable using higher order thinking skills."

Elizabeth Blachinsky,
Kewanee, IL
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