Teacher Developed
Teacher Approved

StarrMatica puts the resources
teachers need right at their fingertips.

       —Jeff Eeling, Principal, Packwood, IA

"I have always been a teacher who incorporates technology within my classroom, and StarrMatica has been the answer to my prayers by giving me more time and resources and helping me be the effective educator I want to be."

David Eaton,
4th grade teacher,
Ottumwa, IA

"The user friendliness of the program, the increased test scores we have seen, the creativity that has gone into developing the StarrMatica program, how closely it relates to the curriculum we are teaching and our state's standards and benchmarks. It is just a natural. I say to people why wouldn't you want to get involved with StarrMatica because it has nothing but positive aspects about it.

John Dotson,
Packwood, IA