Did you Know?

Increasing a child’s ability to comprehend informational text also increases overall reading achievement (Duke, 2004)

StarrMatica Texts: Science Your Way

Are you looking for an authentic way to integrate more informational texts into your instruction? Would you like to improve the informational text comprehension of your students? Or maybe you are simply looking to give your students more access to informational texts? We can help with that!

Let’s start with what the research tells us about the problems related to informational texts:

And here is what the research says about the solution:

Now That You Know What We Know, Here’s How We Can Help:

StarrMatica Texts: Science Your Way is digital software platform that houses hundreds of customizable K-5 digital science informational texts. This innovative solution was designed by teachers in collaboration with experienced children’s informational text authors and subject matter experts to solve the challenges teachers face in improving informational text comprehension.

StarrMatica Texts: Science Your Way focuses on the four things research indicates teachers must do to improve informational text comprehension: (1) increase students’ access to informational text, (2) increase the time students spend working with informational text in instructional activities, (3) explicitly teach comprehension strategies, and (4) create opportunities for students to use informational text for authentic purposes (Duke, 2004).

There are four research-based features entirely unique to StarrMatica Texts: Science Your Way:

  1. Readability - The texts all have multiple readability levels. This is a game changer because the informational text found in science textbooks and other supplementary readers is often too difficult for students; consequently, students don’t learn any of the content and aren’t able to participate in comprehension instruction. In our solution, students reading below, at, and above grade level can all read the same content adjusted to be at their reading level.
  2. Relevance - The texts are customizable. Every classroom has different curriculums, teachers, and students. Making the texts customizable means they can be adapted to fit the needs of each specific classroom. Teachers can customize multiple features of each text and see their changes on the screen in real time.
  3. Efficiency - The texts are focused on the Next Generation Science Standards. This saves teachers time by allowing them to address both ELA and science standards simultaneously. It also allows them to integrate informational texts into their curriculum which research has shown is most effective.
  4. Effectiveness - The texts offer both direct and guided instructional supports embedded within each text that teach comprehension skills while students are reading the text.

StarrMatica Texts: Science Your Way will be available for purchase in January 2020. If you would like to receive additional product information at that time, including pricing, please send us an email at info@starrmatica.com. (We will never share your information with anyone else.)

This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Small Business Innovation Research Program.