Looking for tools to help with SOL Technology Enhanced Items?

StarrMatica's library of content helps students prepare for each of the test's five types of technology enhanced items.

Here's what you'll get when you download StarrMatica's Guide to SOL Technology Enhanced Items:

  • An explanation of how StarrMatica assists with SOL technology enhanced items
  • A description of each of the five item types
  • Specific examples of StarrMatica content aligned to each item type
  • Three full length content guides with example SOL questions for graphs, angles, and equations.
  • Access to a short video that compares StarrMatica's content to SOL practice technology enhanced questions.
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A Virtual Walk Through of StarrMatica's SOL Technology Enhanced Item Assistance
Virtual Manipulatives, Activities, and Tests

StarrMatica's library includes over 5,000 animations, simulations, activities, games, and tests that can be hand selected by teachers to help students prepare for SOL technology enhanced items.
Whole Class Instruction

Teachers can use StarrMatica's virtual manipulatives to teach and explore a SOL technology enhanced question type. Teachers can create their own practice questions with a manipulative or can take advantage of example technology enhanced questions found in StarrMatica's guides.
Individual Differentiation with Digital Backpacks

StarrMatica's practice activities and tests can be used as whole class guided practice or teachers can drop content into personal 'digital backpacks' to differentiate instruction for individual students.
Classroom Management Accountability

Classroom management accounts record scores when students complete practice and test activities. A student's first attempt and best attempt are recorded. Teachers, students, and parents can view student progress online both at school and at home to determine if a student has mastered a concept or needs additional assistance.
Example Guides

In addition to providing content for each technology enhanced question type, StarrMatica provides guides for many virtual manipulatives to help facilitate meaningful test practice. These guides include instructions for using the manipulative, ideas for using the manipulative for whole class instruction and individual student learning, and example questions that mirror SOL testing language.