What is StarrMatica? 43 Reading and Math Topics

StarrMatica's 3rd-6th grade library includes 43 reading and math curriculum topics. Once a topic is chosen from the index, the four gears along the top are used to navigate different categories of resources aligned to your chosen topic.


The LEARN category contains animations with voiceovers and sound effects that can be used to introduce or review specific concepts. Controls in the bottom right corner can fast forward, rewind, pause and play the animation.


The PRACTICE category contains activities and games designed to provide practice opportunities for all concepts in the LEARN section. Some activities are skill-based practice while others promote problem solving and higher order thinking skills. Grade levels are indicated by a series of stars.

=3rd =4th =5th =6th


The TEST, which can be utilized as both a pre- and post-test, is directly aligned to the learn and practice sections. It is an open response assessment for whole class use, or individual students can record their answers in text fields and print the assessment for review. Password protected answer keys are included.


The RESOURCES category contains links to interactive resources related to the lesson topic that can be used to enhance or extend the lesson. All links are ad-free and have been described, grade leveled, categorized, and checked for safety. 3,200 links are included in the database. They are grouped in three categories:

Virtual Manipulatives
(Teaching Tools)

Practice Activities


Our library of content can be searched by State Standards, the National Core Curriculum, and textbook curriculums. It can also be searched by subject, topic group and topic. For example, a first grade teacher can find reading resources that focus specifically on beginning sounds. A fourth grade teacher can find math resources that focus specifically on measuring angles.

All teachers have access to the full library of content to meet the needs of every child in their classrooms.

Student Progress Accounts

Our optional classroom management system records scores when students complete practice and test activities. A student's first attempt and best attempt are recorded. Teachers, students, and parents can view student progress online both at school and at home.

Individualized Basic Facts

The management system also provides individualized basic facts practice. A student takes a benchmark test which records the fact they know and the facts they don't know. When a student works towards mastery with a StarrMatica basic facts activity, he is presented with facts from his individualized list.

Video Walk Through

View this three minute video walk through to experience a sample of StarrMatica's 3rd-6th grade reading and math animations, activities, games and resources along with our easy-to-use search engine and classroom management system.

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