Thank you for your continued support of StarrMatica! In this issue, you will find information about new resource updates, emergency preparedness for teachers via their interactive whiteboards, a whole class teaching technique, and a school grant opportunity.

~Emily Starr
New Resource Updates

K-2 teachers, explore the amazing resources in the new Numbers topic with subtopics: Counting, Identifying Numbers, More or Less, Odd or Even, Sets, and Skip Counting.

3-6 teachers, check out new links in the resources section of Percents: #17 & #19

Think-Safe for Interactive Whiteboards

StarrMatica has partnered with Iowa company, Think Safe, to help schools utilize their interactive whiteboards as lifesaving tools in a medical emergency. Think Safe's ResQR interactive talking first aid software uses Yes/No questions to deliver step-by-step instructions for over 30 medical emergencies within 12 trauma categories. It is impossible for teachers to be educated on proper life saving procedures for every medical emergency they may face in the classroom. ResQR helps teachers and administrators avoid life-threatening mistakes by providing instant guidance during emergency situations.

ResQR is available for installation on every interactive whiteboard and computer in your building at the low cost of 25 cents per student. Please contact us to learn more about ResQR or to schedule a brief demonstration for your administrators, teachers, and parents.

Individual Marker Board Teaching Technique

To implement this technique, provide each student with a small wipe off marker board and marker. In my classroom, I expected all students to participate by answering every question presented on the interactive whiteboard using their own wipe off boards. This allowed me to walk around the room and see which students understood a concept and which needed my assistance.

Individual wipe off boards were very motivating for my students because they knew if they participated, they may have the opportunity to answer on the interactive whiteboard. It was also helpful for students who were afraid to answer incorrectly in front of the class because they knew I would only choose them to use the interactive whiteboard if they had written the correct answer in advance. Those students gained confidence in their answers and in sharing their knowledge with their peers in a safe atmosphere.

US Cellular Grants

Visit US Cellular to vote for your school to receive one of ten $100,000 grants!

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