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StarrMatica Helps Schools With Interactive Whiteboards

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Student Participation Technique

Interested in trying a new, simple technique to keep all students involved when posing a question on your interactive whiteboard? Give each student a red square and a green square made out of construction paper. When a student answers a question on the interactive whiteboard, have the rest of the class hold up a green square if they agree with the answer or a red square if they do not agree. Then, have a discussion about their responses. (Sometimes it helps to have students hold their squares up on the count of three or to cover their eyes before holding up a square to prevent them from checking out their neighbor's square before answering.)

Because of its simplicity, this technique works with well with primary students, and for older students, it will provide a fun change from your regular classroom participation procedures.

Voki and Blabberize and are two websites sure to spice up your next classroom project. allows students to create their own character and then record a message for the character to deliver. allows students to upload a photo, outline the mouth, and then record a message so it appears as if the photo is speaking. Think of the possibilities for oral reports and presentations! Whether you use them to show technology integration or to help students reluctant to present in front of the class, these tools are sure to be a hit in your classroom!

For more ideas on how to utilize these websites in your classroom, click the link:
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