Welcome back to another exciting school year! In this issue, you will find information about our new K-2 resources, free online classes, The Interactive Content Corner blog, and Quizville.com. Thank you for your continued support of StarrMatica!

~Emily Starr
K-2 Content

K-2 content has arrived!! When you log in with your teacher's username and password, click on the Resources tab on your member's page. In addition to searching for3-6 resources by state standard, you now have the ability to search by grade level, subject, and topic. This second search option also contains over 1,500 K-2 resources.

If your school has purchased a school subscription, your K-2 teachers now have the ability to log in and search for interactive resources to use during whole class instruction at no additional charge!

For individual student use, teachers can find a specific website resource, copy the link, and post it to their school or classroom webpage.

Please spread the word to the K-2 teachers in your building, and contact us if you have questions or need additional teacher accounts created.

Free Technology Integration Classes

Did you know StarrMatica offers free online classes to help teachers learn how to integrate online resources into daily classroom instruction with LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards? These hour long classes are the perfect opportunity for StarrMatica members and non members, tech savvy teachers and technology reluctant teachers to learn how to integrate virtual manipulatives, practice activities and games in easy, flexible and creative ways. Many practical suggestions are included! CLICK HERE to see our class schedule and register.

Visit The Interactive Content Corner

Check out The Interactive Content Corner (www.interactivecontentcorner.com), a blog dedicated to helping teachers integrate online resources into whole class instruction. Learn about this week's featured website with tips for practical classroom use, and while you're there, be sure to download the free e-book Teaching Beginning Fractions with Interactive Online Content.

Quizville.com Website

There are many activities from Quizville.com linked in our resources section. Please be aware that these links are not currently active. This website has been down for a few weeks but should come back online. We want to give this site a chance to come back because it contains many valuable activities. If the website is not online by the end of the month, we will remove those links from our database. We check every link in our database every two weeks to ensure the resources you need are always at your fingertips.